Get Fishing

by Allan Sefton

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The next five years will see a massive national drive on the part of the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency to get everyone out there fishing, from inner cities to remote villages, from local ponds and upland steams to beaches.

This colourful, lively book is aimed at complete beginners of all ages, and those who have been out fishing a couple of times and want to take it further.

It outlines what you need to know to experience the joy of getting out there, alone or with family and friends, and enjoying a day or an afternoon fishing – and catching, whether it’s mackerel, pike or trout.

The book is endorsed by the Angling Trust and their Get Fishing campaign. It has everything a beginner would need to know about the basics: species, tackle, bait, tactics and watercraft.


180 Colour photographs, 50 Colour illustrations


Jul 11, 2019


About the Author:

Allan Sefton has a PhD in freshwater ecology. He’s been a life-long angler with an interest in every style of fishing: game, coarse and sea. In 2006 he gained a Level 2 Qualification in Coaching Angling – the highest level qualification currently available from the Sports Council for coaching angling. He is a member of the Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA)

Allan has worked as a coach to members of the England Youth Fly-fishing Association (EYFA) and he teaches beginners and guides fly fishers on the famous Anglian Water reservoirs and at nearby smaller waters.

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