Nymphing – the New Way

by Jonathan White

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French leader fishing for trout

French nymphing, or European nymphing as it is often known in the US, is the most important new development in flyfishing for a generation. The use of ultra-long tapered French leaders provides huge advantages both in terms of reducing drag and dramatically improving fly presentation.

These methods, which have already revolutionised the world of competition flyfishing, are now also proving themselves to be a game-changer for the recreational fisherman.

This is the first book to explain all branches of French leader technique:

• sight nymphing
• short and long-range indicator nymphing
• dry fly
• fishing for grayling, carp and steelhead
• masterclasses from leading experts
   Cody Burgdorff (USA)
   Julien Daguillanes (France)
   Stanislav Mankov (Bulgaria)
• tips for fishing in all types of river and clear stillwaters in the UK, Continental Europe, the
   USA and the Southern Hemisphere.

Use of the French leader has led to the French national team becoming the most successful team at the World Championships in recent years, winning 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 7 Bronze medals.

As opportunities to catch trout on a dry fly have become less frequent and of shorter duration, the use of modern nymphing techniques can often make the difference between a successful fishing trip and not catching fish at all.


150 Colour photographs


Thu, Mar 29, 2018


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