Trout from a Boat

by Dennis Moss

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Tips, Techniques and Experiences

Tips, Techniques and Experiences

This is a book for boat-flyfishers: those who spend time afloat in pursuit of trout, who know how difficult and frustrating the sport can be – but also how thrilling and rewarding.

Few trout anglers have fished as widely as Dennis Moss, and fewer still have his ability to convey the skills of boatfishing with such insight and passion.

He tells of his experiments with a new kind of improved drogue, of the breakthrough of the intermediate flyline, his discoveries about hook strengths and he shares his all-time favourite stillwater flies.

This book will tell you a great deal about the craft of boatfishing and, as you learn, you will be taken to some fabulous locations and on some thrilling trips.

This fully revised and updated edition includes new material on summer caenis fishing, dry fly techniques and latest leader compositions.


colour photographs & line illustrations, 130 Colour photographs


Jun 20, 2013


About the Author:

Dennis Moss is a regular contributor to Trout & Salmon magazine. He spent his working career in the fishing tackle trade; his spare time mastering boat fishing from England's classic stillwater reservoirs, to the Outer Hebrides and Irish loughs.

He now lives in retirement on Lough Corrib.

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