Eat your Weeds - A brilliant gift for creative cooks!

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Why should we eat our weeds? Because they are delicious, they’re nutritious and too good to waste. And they're free!

This is more than just a recipe book, more than a foraging book. Julie Bruton-Seal, professional herbalist and, with Matthew Seal, a best-selling author have both shared their expertise in Eat your Weeds! to give us the fascinating background to these overlooked wild plants, their historic use, the medicinal benefits today and their culinary delights.

Weeds are amazing beings that we have failed to see and failed to eat. But with these 90 delicious plant-based recipes, that is about to end.


Eastern Daily Press 
It couldn’t have been published at a better time: just as the cost of living soars, authors Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal have written a book about gathering, and cooking, free foods readily available in the wild. Eat Your Weeds! is a love letter to the plants that many gardeners spend hours trying to destroy, a guide to 24 of Britain’s best-known weeds and how to use them to create tasty savoury and sweet meals, snacks and drinks.

Landscape magazine
A fascinating background to the historic uses of weeds, their medicinal properties and culinary delights. 90 delicious plant-based recipes that put these wild plants centre stage, including chickweed, ox-eye daisies, hogweed, honey mushroom, nettles and sorrel.

Shropshire Star
This book tells us that weeds are actually more nutritious than most of the vegetables we grow or buy.

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