Innocent Victims - A Book Review

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A post about a true story today
This book is about animal rescues in Zimbabwe in the early 2000s, during years of farm invasions. Families were forced off their land, and pets and livestock left stranded, often facing neglect and abuse. Horrified by what was happening, Meryl Harrison of the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA) and a few of her colleagues, then set about negotiating their way on to the properties to save as many animals as they could. This book (based around Meryl’s diaries and first hand accounts) follows them for almost five years and hundreds of animal rescues.
I found it a fascinating read about a really difficult time. There is no political side taken. I expected it to be too harrowing to read, but it wasn’t. It has some amazing stories of courage and care in the face of chaos.

This was an independent review posted on The Phraser blog for Innocent Victims 

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