New: Richard Barrett's photo of Yellowstone Park in Winter

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Author of Wild World, Richard Barrett braves the cold to photograph wildlife in Yellowstone in Winter. USA - January 2023

A tour led by Danny Green of Natures Images to Yellowstone Park, USA in the depths of winter. We were lucky as this year the winter was really cold, with loads of snow and frosty conditions. My principal aim was to see wolves, and we had one good encounter with the Wapiti Lake pack in the Hayden Valley. However, it was other wildlife that starred more brightly this time - highlights included a series of amazing encounters with a Bobcat, great Bison, a surprisingly co-operative American Marten, a superb Red Fox, and some entertaining North American River Otters! All in all a most successful trip to start the year.
My thanks to the team at Natures Images and tour leader Danny Green for running a wonderful trip.

American Bison on the move
A prowling Bobcat

Gray Wolves howling 
Red Fox descending a snowdrift
Bobcat awakes
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