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The Klink: The Extraordinary Flytying Genius Of Hans Van Klinken

Embark on a journey into the world of flyfishing with "The Klinkhamer Special: A Flyfisher's Odyssey." Celebrating the 40th anniversary of this iconic fly, author Hans van Klinken unveils the secrets behind its remarkable success. In this comprehensive guide, flyfishers of all levels will discover the thinking, testing, and variations that have made the Klinkhamer Special a favorite on rivers worldwide. With 675 stunning color photos and full instructions for tying Hans' essential flies, this hardback edition promises an engaging and revealing exploration of flytying and fishing, spanning 352 captivating pages.

Author bio:
Hans van Klinken is a renowned figure in the world of flyfishing, whose passion for the sport has taken him from the Arctic wilderness to international acclaim. With over four decades of experience, he has not only mastered the art of flytying but has also shared his expertise through demonstrations, workshops, and classes around the globe. From his early days in Norway to traversing the rivers of Scandinavia, Europe, and North America, Hans' dedication to flyfishing and environmental conservation shines through in his work. "The Klinkhamer Special" is the culmination of his lifelong pursuit of angling excellence and his commitment to passing on his knowledge to future generations.

Watch a Klinkhamer being tied in a MidCurrent YouTube clip

“This is my favourite Klink, and it works its magic on both rivers and lochs. It's one I dig out from March through to June and then I switch over to fishing it on lochs.” Steve Cullen, Flyfishing & Flytying Magazine 

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