A.E. Housman talk at The Castle Bookshop – poems about love, landscape and Ludlow!

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Friday 12th July – 6.00 pm - £7.50 to include wine/juice

A.E. Housman – poems about love, landscape and Ludlow

Readings by Linda Hart and Max Hunt

From the home where he grew up in Worcestershire, Housman (1859-1936) would look to the western horizon on his frequent walks. The orchards and farms, the fields and footpaths, of south Shropshire made a huge impression on the young man. In the 1890s, when he was a professor of Latin in London, that “western brookland” provided the setting for his poems about luckless lads who die young, love that is unrequited, and nature that briefly provides consolation.

Linda and Max will read poems from A Shropshire Lad that are full of passion and yearning, nostalgia and beauty. Housman wrote one memorable phrase after another: ‘those blue remembered hills’, ‘the land of lost content’, ‘see the coloured counties’, ‘loveliest of trees, the cherry now….’, and ‘May comes tomorrow, and Ludlow fair again’.

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