A review for Eat your Weeds! in Permaculture Magazine by Glennie Kindrid

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EAT YOUR WEEDS Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal

256 pages, 256 x 189mm,

Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal have done it again with yet another gorgeous, inspiring, informative and sumptuous book! Eat Your Weeds is an extraordinary testament to the history and edible qualities of many of those power-packed plants we call weeds. It’s pages are filled with a very tempting array of plant-based recipes that will inspire everyone, from beginners to wild food veterans, to get picking and cooking… and to deepen our understanding of these tenacious life-enhancing plants that are our allies, medicines and food.

As always with Julie and Matthew’s books, this is packed full with their knowledge of the medicinal qualities of the plants and the many uses they would have had in the past. They have also revived the spirit of our forebears, by making use of the plants that grow freely around them. Through their understanding of the plants and their willingness to be inventive and adaptive, and to meet our palates of today, they have taken wild food eating to a whole new level. Many of their recipes are adaptations of traditional recipes from around the world, transforming the humble weed into the exotic!

Eat Your Weeds is alive with Julie’s gorgeous photos and both their personal stories; they know these plants intimately. Their identification tips and foraging tips, whether foraging from your garden or the land, are based on real experience and true wisdom, and are invaluable.

Eat Your Weeds is bursting with life, love and connection. It is an inspiration, a total delight and a beautiful book to gift to friends and to yourself! Buy at a bookshop or direct from the authors’ website: hedgerowmedicine.com

By Glennie Kindred, author of Walking with Trees and Letting in the Wild Edges



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