Cleavers Stir Fry - Recipe inspiration for spring from cookery book, Eat you Weeds!

Posted by Lydia Unwin on

Are you spending time in the garden this Easter?

If you are looking at an abundance of garden weeds then don't despair... there could be cause for celebration...

Eat you Weeds! holds the answer to your garden woes with over 160 delicious recipes for meals, drinks and sweet dishes that have 'weeds' as the star ingredient. The authors argue they are the right plants in the wrong place. 

It's time to see those pesky plants in a new light... here is a sample recipe for Cleavers Stir Fry. 

Cleavers tips are at their most succulent just before they flower, but can be picked any time from autumn to late spring. Before you start cooking, prepare your vegetables. They all need to be thinly sliced or cut into bite-sized pieces. These amounts make plenty for two people.

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