Fly-tying Wax by Barry Ord Clarke

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Fly-tying Wax by Barry Ord Clarke

Barry Ord Clarke showed this special fly-tying wax at the Experience the World of Fly Fishing (EWF) in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich by the end of October.

From the website: “A new batch of sculls now available… The feather benders home grown and hand crafted fly tyers wax scull’s.

It’s not that long ago that pre-waxed tying thread was not readily available, and tyers, especially of the more classic stile patterns resorted to various types of wax to make tying more easy and the natural threads such as cotton and silk more durable. Because the majority of tying threads available today are pre-waxed, the practice of waxing your own tying thread has been somewhat neglected or almost forgotten for most fly tyers.

Apart from the obvious advantages as mentioned above, waxing your own thread makes easy work of applying and attaching materials to the hook, creating better friction between thread and material and anchoring them in place with only a couple of wraps of thread. Its also extremely useful when dubbing, if a little is applied to the thread before spinning your dubbing it will render the thread ‘Tacky’ and make the adhering of the dubbing material easier.

After recently starting keeping bees, primarily for honey production, I have also a surplus of natural bee’s wax which when mixed with three other totally natural ingredients is the recipe for my own exclusive tyers wax.

After selling out the first two batches and a whole load of requests for more, a limited amount of sculls will be available for next to no cost, so if you are interested in obtaining one of these handmade tyers waxes, please contact:”

Barry Ord Clarke
Utsikten 8
3718 Skien
Tel. +47 928 586 09


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