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Author and photographer Richard Barrett has posted photos from his latest trip to the USA where he photographed a family of Black Bears in Minnesota, USA.

Richard's book Wild World takes the reader on a journey around the globe, based on his first hand experience, he gives photography advice, and shows a selection of his beautiful photos, so that you too can take impressive images. He tells the reader where and when to go, what equipment to bring and how to compose your photo.

The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Minnesota is a unique setting - Black Bears come and go from this 500 acre unfenced sanctuary as they please. In the middle is an area known as 'the magic circle' where the bears know they are safe from humans. They enjoy nuts and dried fruits, put out daily for them as a supplement to their natural diet. Amazingly, the bears are fully at ease in this zone, whereas outside in the forests of Minnesota they are very shy and skittish, knowing they may be hunted. This sanctuary is without doubt one of the best places in the world to see Black Bears!

The name Black Bear can be a bit misleading, as many 'Black Bears' are actually dark brown, light brown, or even cinnamon in colour! However the species known as Brown Bears ('Grizzlies') have a pronounced muscular hump on their shoulders, which Black Bears lack, so it is quite easy to identify which type of bear you are looking at.

There is a chapter dedicated to photographing 'Grizzlies' in Wild World.

Hardback Book: https://merlinunwin.co.uk/products/wild-world-2

Visit Richard's website, 'Wild and Wonderful' to see more of his photos and don't forget to sign up to his newsletter. . . .

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