It's back in print 25 June: Megan Boyd - The Story of a Salmon Flydresser

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Megan Boyd - The Story of a Salmon Flydresser

Considered to have been one of the world's finest salmon flytyers. Megan was a self-taught craftswoman who made fishing flies that are prized by fishermen and collectors all over the world. Her fascinating life is the subject of the film 'Kiss the Water'.

Born in 1915, in Scotland, she began taking flytying lessons at the age of twelve and soon gained a reputation for tying beautiful feather-wing flies.

In 1935, at the age of twenty, Megan left home and moved into a small cottage near Brora where she lived without electricity or running water until the 1980s. Visiting anglers from all over the world who came to fish the Highland rivers for salmon would stop by her cottage to watch her tie flies and place orders.


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