New! Predators of Finland's Taiga Forest

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Wolves, Bears and Wolverines, Kuikka, Finland by author of new book Wild World, Richard Barrett. October 2021
My first overseas trip after 18 months stuck in the UK, this 7 night visit to Finland's seemingly endless Taiga forest was keenly awaited! Wildlife Safari Finland have their Base Camp at Kuikka. Rightly known for good wolf sightings over many years, wolves were very much top of the agenda. What I didn't expect was a pack of 14 wolves which was seen on 4 of the 6 afternoons / evenings in the hides!
Along with the occasional visit by Bears and Wolverines, this my seventh Finnish wildlife trip, was by far the most productive yet!
My thanks to Wildlife Worldwide for booking everything, which worked out flawlessly. 
You can see my photographs from this trip on my website Wild and Wonderful:
Glade -  Eurasian Brown Bear, Kuikka, Finland
White Wolf - Eurasian Wolf, Kuikka, Finland
Intense stare - Eurasian Wolf, Kuikka, Finland
Gang up - Eurasian Wolf, Kuikka, Finland
Forest Dweller - Wolverine, Kuikka, Finland 

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