A review for Horse Games by Robert Thompson

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A review for Horse Games from Baily's Hunting Directoryn summary:

"This fast paced and highly engaging volume reads like a modern version of a ‘Boy’s Own’ style tale.
Looking around for ‘something to do’ other that farming after he left the King’s Troop, his contacts soon introduce him to a fellow adventurer in need of his equine skills. As a result, he joins what turned out to be an ill-fated expedition to find a city in Afghanistan, ‘lost’ since being sacked by Mongol hordes in the 13th century.
A self-appointed quest to find and record tribal horse games. Being mistaken for a spy by various suspicious regimes does not help the author to have an uneventful journey but he does discover that often regardless of the local language or lack of reliable interpreter the lingua franca of all horsemen is ‘horse’ and ‘horse care’ it is a language that many are keen to both practice and demonstrate.
In summary, whether you are a seasoned rider or an armchair traveller this book will keep you reading from cover to cover."

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