Fundraising for the Kalahari African Wild Dog Conservation Trust (KAWDCT)

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African Wild Dogs are among the most endangered large carnivores in Southern Africa, second only to the Ethiopian Wolf.
The Kalahari African Wild Dog Conservation Trust (KAWDCT) is raising awareness about Namibia's African Wild Dogs.
The declining population can be attributed to persecution, retaliatory killing, habitat loss and (introduced) diseases. Den sites have been destroyed resulting in the dispersal and disappearance of the family packs, leading to so called 'ghost packs'.
The KAWDCT needs your support to help save the last remaining packs of free ranging dogs in Namibia. They have set up a 'GoFundMe' page, and your donation can make a real difference:
PROTECTION: someone to guard the dens from July and to keep track of the dogs until they leave the area in November.
COLLARS: to track the dogs movements for the very first time in their history.
The KAWDCT are working with the local community and consider factors such as land use, natural resources, livelihoods and wildlife in their conservation strategy. The project is led by Nadja le Roux who has over 20 years experience in Namibia in community based conservation.
If you are interested to learn more about this fascinating animal you can read about their fight for survival in Africa's wild dogs, A survival story.

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