Everything you wanted to know about the Countryside... (but didn't dare ask).

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Jill Mason is an ex-gamekeeper, she has a vast knowledge of the countryside and how it works. Her new book was two years in the making, with in-depth research, having spending time meeting farmers, conservationists, craftspeople, landowners, land managers and gamekeepers across the UK.
As an educational resource we hope this book will be of interest to the group. It's packed with facts about rural life in rural britain today.
Find out about crofting, forestry england, dairy farming, racehorses, what's a hogget, why do pigs have rings in their noses, how many eggs a hen can lay, where most Christmas turkeys' are bred, how is milk supplied to to shops and supermarkets... For an enquiring mind, this book holds the answers to countryside life and leisure today!

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