Foraging for winter greens - Eat your Weeds!

Posted by Lydia Unwin on

If you are looking for foraged food at this time of year there is still an abundance of tasty and nutritious food to be enjoyed. Have you ever tried a three-cornered leek?
All of the plant is edible. The young plants can be uprooted when found in profusion and treated as baby leeks or spring onion, the leaves and flowers can be used in salads or the leaves in soups or stews, the more mature onion like roots can be used as onion or garlic.
If you are looking for tips and more culinary inspiration, try Eat your Weeds! by the Bruton-Seals. The hardback book is full of sweet and savoury dishes and drinks, and makes a great gift for those who like foraging and cooking.

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