The Tack Room - The Civil War Stuart Saddle - author customer converstaions

Posted by Lydia Unwin on

Author Paula Sells was contacted by a customer about her book, and the information about an unusual and beautiful saddle. 

The Civil War saddle, known as The Stuart Saddle, is not on public display so Paula went to the Walsall Leather Museums' storage depot where she had special permission to view and photograph it. 

Here are her photos, and we are keeping in touch with Martin from the Netherlands who made contact with us. He left feedback about Paula's book, The Tack Room:

'Your book ‘The Tack Room’ is a marvelous treasure-trove of equine information. I have been around horses for more than fifty years and I still have learned some useful things from your book. And I have not finished reading it! A beautiful addition to my library.'

Thank you Martin for your interest in the book, and kind words - best of luck with the crafting of your saddle inspired by the Stuart Saddle. And a special thanks to Paula for going above and beyond to help a reader. 



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