Tying Flies with CDC - A great flytying gift this Christmas

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The Fisherman's Miracle Feather

CDC (cul-de-canard) feathers have extraordinary water-resistant properties. They grow near the preen glands of ducks and their lightness and buoyancy makes them invaluable feathers for tying dry flies, emergers and nymphs.

The world’s most innovative flytyers have discovered new ways of using these versatile CDC feathers. This book demonstrates their very latest CDC tying techniques and fly patterns. The patterns they have invented are often ingeniously simple, requiring easy tying steps and very few additional materials. Today many anglers choose to fish exclusively with CDC flies.

Tying Flies with CDC is the definitive guide to this unique feather. It draws on the international ideas of celebrated flytyers: Dutch experts Piet Weeda, Hans van Klinken and Theo Bakelaar; Marc Petitjean of Switzerland and Marjan Fratnik of Slovenia; Elie Beerten of Belgium, Nicolas Ragonneau of France, Paolo Jaia of Italy, René Harrop of America, Tetsumi Himeno of Japan, and many others.

This is an inspirational guidebook for the modern flytyer.

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